Minimalista Momma: The Beginnings

I’m in marketing. Consumerism is what keeps most marketers working. I have no problems with consumerism, except for how it has affected my life. I feel like I’m constantly in a state of chaos and clutter. And, like a lot of Americans, I’m in debt. Student Loan, Mortgage, and Credit Cards, oh my! (No car payment though. I mean, that is a feat in itself in this day and age). But, back to the story…

In November of 2016, I had decided to accept a job offer that would move my family and me to Michigan from California. My husband is originally from Michigan and we decided to move somewhere that was more affordable and where we would have the most family to help with our then 1.5-year-old daughter. So, in one month, we decluttered, packed up the things we decided to keep, and headed to Michigan in the winter.

Before we moved, I had paid off all of my credit cards and my car. So the only thing hanging over me was my student loans. We moved into a 2-bedroom, furnished apartment with a month-to-month lease while we were looking to buy a house. Everything, but winter clothing and essentials, was in storage pods. Within the first month of starting my job, I was chosen to be part of a training group that was going to be in Phoenix, Arizona for a week. I only had winter clothes and in Phoenix, it was like Spring/Summer weather. So, my husband took me to one of the better thrift stores in the area to get more appropriate clothing because I wasn’t about to look through the storage pod (which was stored offsite) in the middle of winter. So, I got some pieces, some with tags still on, that would be appropriate for the weather. Even as cheap as these “new to me” clothes were, somehow it didn’t stop there. Every time I found anything at any store that was on clearance, I bought it. 

When I realized what was happening I figured I needed a side hustle, because as they say, “Detroit Hustles Harder.” Well, my cousins and sister were in a cosmetics business, so I decided to join with the intention of only using it for the discount. However, if you wanted the good discount you had to buy in bulk. Then I discovered a clothing company where some of the groups had discounts because people were trying to get rid of their inventory. So I would buy the heavily discounted stuff and resell what I didn’t keep on eBay. My husband warned me not to get into any of it, but I’m stubborn and didn’t listen. I should have listened.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2019 when I realized I really needed to make a change. Last year I had another beautiful little girl, learned about what minimalism is and can be, and by the end of the year decided what I really needed to focus on was paying down my debt by going on a shopping ban and starting a side hustle that I didn’t need to go in debt doing.

So, here we are and here you are. I wanted to write about what I’ve been learning and my progress. I follow so many blogs, have read so many books about minimalism, debt, being a working mom, meal planning, being a house manager/homemaker, etc. Everyone has a unique situation. So for me, I wanted to put everything in one place. So while I hope this blog helps you in your {Insert main focus} journey, it’s really a blog for me to remember what I’ve learned, and to, “Keep Fighting the Good Fight!” Cheers to you for reading, and cheers to me for remembering anything at all!

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