Why Would You Do That

Every simple living, minimalism, decluttering blog, article, book, podcast, course, etc. I’ve read says to start with your WHY. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to declutter? Why do you want to be a minimalist? Why do you want to live simple? Do you want to get out of debt, so your main reason of decluttering is to sell some things you don’t need and use the money to pay off some debt? Or maybe your house is in utter chaos and you want to be more organized. The main point is to have INTENTION. My main why is because I want to be a more conscious consumer and I don’t want my kids to not be able to do things because we’re in debt from all of the unnecessary things I’ve purchased on credit cards that only take up space and doesn’t provide us anything but dust. I want to walk into my house and feel hygge, not overwhelmed. That’s the brunt of it. I just want things to be simple so I can enjoy my family. I don’t want my daughters’ memories of me to be that I was always cleaning and organizing. I want them to remember me playing tea party, dress-up, and wrestling. Don’t get me started on the wrestling. That’s mostly daddy’s department, but sometimes I’m unwillingly being pinned by my 9-month old daughter.

I actually started this journey back in May 2017 when we bought our first house and started to move things from the storage pods. I realized I had a lot of clothes that barely fit in the closet. We live in a 1940s bungalow in the suburbs of Detroit. Closets aren’t all that big, so I was using the closet in the room upstairs (the attic) for just my clothes. I knew I had a lot of clothes, but I had gotten rid of some of them prior to us moving. Somehow, I still had so much more than I intended. So, talking to a work colleague of mine about minimalism, I started to look up capsule wardrobes. I found Project 333 and this is where it started. Sort of. There were many roadblocks that happened in-between the time I was going to start this and now, but this was where my simple living journey began.

I got pregnant with my second child by September of 2017 and basically threw out any capsule wardrobe of any kind. I had kept my maternity clothes from my first child, so that part was good. I did, however, lack warmer clothes as this child was going to be born in Michigan, not California. So I intentionally bought a few cold weather items like sweaters and more pants. In California, we dressed more casually at work so I was usually in jeans or leggings. However, we’re a little more business casual where I work now, so I needed maternity pants once I got to the second trimester.

This is what kick-started my second attempt at decluttering and minimizing. We now had a second girl and I had to pull out all the things we had saved that we now needed for this baby. I’m glad we saved these things because we did end up buying less. We have a smaller house, so the girls are now sharing a room. This was another reason to declutter. My oldest is almost 4, so while she can certainly pick up after herself, she can’t dust yet. She does try to help me vacuum though, but it’s still hard because she’s petite. With all that said, I want to walk into their bedroom and dust, vacuum and wipe down their windows in 30 minutes or less. This is another “why” of decluttering and minimalizing. I want chores to be easy and simple enough that when my girls are a little bigger they can do chores effectively and efficiently, leaving more time to play!

So here we are, again. The re-start of simplicity. I plan to stick to it this time – Starting with a shopping ban, like Cait Flanders. Just in time for the Lenten season!

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