The Seven Dimensions of Minimalism

Truth be told, I think there may be more like 10 dimensions, but most things come in fives or sevens, like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Five Major Food Groups, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Dimensions of Wellness, etc. So when I set out to become a Minimalista, I tried to figure out the different categories things fall into based off of my own journey.

Courtney Carver has been doing this wonderful course called “A Simple Year” which goes through different facets of Minimalism each month. I began the course last year and when she announced she would be doing the final course in 2019, I decided to do it again. The course for 2018 and 2019 are slightly different, which also sort of pushed me to document my own journey. I feel like I went through a lot last year that sort of held me back in being full-force with the 2018 course (like having my second awesome baby girl) that I felt compelled to do it all again. It’s May (almost June) now, so there are several months worth of course that I’m not documenting, but I’m also a firm believer in the “it’s never too late” arena, so here we are.

There are a lot of blogs and podcasts out there that it can become overwhelming. For me, every blog, podcast, book, television series, etc. have similar themes with personal twists. So, I’m hoping with my documentation that I’m covering a few of you out there that haven’t quite found their niche within minimalism. I plan to write a separate post dedicated to each dimension.

The Seven Dimensions of Minimalism (In no particular order).

  1. Mental – Being in the right frame of mind to begin the journey
  2. Family – Getting your family on board, even if they might not be completely into minimalism, having them support you and your journey is a great start!
  3. Home – Decluttering, tidying up, etc. This is where the KonMari method shines!
  4. Work – This is mostly about your processes in how you do your work, as well as your own workspace. More and more companies are going agile, so sometimes this has to happen whether you want it to or not!
  5. Finances – Money tends to be part of the reason people turn to minimalism. Plus, wouldn’t you like your finances to be simple? I really enjoy Cherie Lowe’s Queen of Free sight. They have a great story with really great steps to decluttering your finances.
  6. Wellness – Wellness minimalism, to me, is simple eating and simple exercise. Especially as a mom, I feel like both are important, but can sometimes take more effort than we want to give because of other demands.
  7. Digital – Digital decluttering is exactly what you think it is. Decluttering your emails, apps on your phone/tablet, computer files, etc. Just because it’s on the cloud or even if it’s just on your hard drive, a good digital clean-up will make you more efficient.

I’m currently working on a course that will cover all of these dimensions and will update this post as well as others once that is finished! Stay tuned!!!

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