When your mind decides it does not want to be a minimalist

I haven’t posted anything new in over a month. It’s not because I have nothing to write about, because believe me, I do, but it’s because I have been busy at work and at home. Usually the summer tends to be a little slower, but the last two month have just blown up!

I feel like my mind is constantly racing and I have to keep telling it that I want to focus on one thing at a time. I’ve been using a meditation app, which has been helping me at home, but not so much at work. It’s like all the progress I’ve been having doesn’t translate from one to the other like it should. It could also be because I just happen to have three projects going at once – the opposite of what I want!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be busy at work as it makes the day go by faster. However, what ends up happening is that my emails start piling up and it takes me a good hour just to get myself organized in the morning. I like to get an hour at the end of the day to clean up my inbox, not the morning. The morning should be a quick look at my tasks for the day and then I just start the first task. Lately it’s been more like I get in, grab my coffee, look at my inbox and then this:

If you like this stock image, I got it from Deposit Photos. If you need some cheap stock images, they have a great deal. Click on my referral link and I’ll earn some commission.

In order to get myself centered again, I’ve started another meditation course for dealing with stress and anxiety. I’ve only been through the first five sessions, but I do feel like it’s working. I feel calm when my daughter is not listening and am able to try a different approach that doesn’t involve yelling; just more of a stern voice. At work though, I’ll be in a meeting and start to feel like Peter Gibbons in Office Space when he goes through hypnotherapy and is left in state of bliss. I am definitely present in the meeting, but I am no longer panicked by the deadlines. I don’t know if it makes other people more anxious or if it calms them down. They are either thinking, “Why isn’t she freaking out,” or “She looks calm, so she must have it under control. I feel better about this.” I hope it’s the latter.

So what do you do when you need to clear your mind and focus? How do you get into that state of bliss so that you can tackle anything?

Take a deep breath and a walk.

Maybe it’s just a quick lap around the office, but you need to move. I’ve found that any kind of movement: a walk, stretching, etc. helps to shift the energy you are feeling. Deep breathing exercises really help to calm your nerves. Again, even if it’s just five deep breaths, it’s still helpful to keep your mind from exploding.

After the deep breaths and walk, I am able to get myself organized to take on my tasks. Right now I have two planners – one for work and one for home. I don’t know if it’s necessary to separate the two, but I find it helpful in keeping me from bringing work home (when possible). Sometimes personal stuff will end up in my work calendar so that I know that I need to leave early to get to my daughter’s dance recital or in my home calendar it might say that I have a special meeting outside of business hours and it acts as a reminder to my husband that he needs to pick up the girls from school. Either way, it helps me stay organized and focused. Also, I am a big proponent of the paper planner. I know it seems counter intuitive to minimalism, but I remember things better when I have physically written it down, pen to paper. I love the Erin Condren LifePlanner! The functionality of it, the accessories, fun stickers, etc.

The left planner is when I had started my minimalism journey and included both work and home schedule. The one on the right is my home planner. My work one stays at work.

Full disclosure. I get reward points anytime someone purchases using my referral link, so if you like paper planners and organizing, or need some guidance, Erin Condren has got your back!

Now that I’ve got myself organized, I can get back to focusing on ONE THING AT A TIME. My mind is back on track and I feel more relaxed and productive.

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