Last year I wanted to go on a shopping ban. My credit card bills were out of control, I have two kids in daycare, and I am still paying student loans on top of a mortgage. One day I broke. I talked about it in another post, My Shopping Ban Was A Test Run, but never got back on the train. Well, this coming year I will be starting a new position. I won’t be downtown anymore and won’t be surrounded by stores and restaurants. I know most of my shopping is done online, but I won’t have as many temptations in front of me. So, I’m going to try the shopping ban once again, but I’m not going to make any major rules. Basically, unless it is a true necessity, such as food, or a gift for someone else, like a kids birthday, then there is no purchase necessary.

My husband is starting to understand my need for simple living and how it can help our mental and physical states. So, we’re going to try to get back to basics this year, including simple meals at home, bringing lunch to work, and free activities for the kids. I also plan on cutting back on alcohol and coffee. I used to just drink one cup of coffee a day and maybe one glass of wine. Now it’s become two or three cups of coffee a day, which I noticed is actually making me jittery, so I’m going to go back to one cup and then maybe none. Save myself some money. I may lose my Starbucks Gold Card, but maybe that’s a good thing! As far as the alcohol, I’ve actually already cut back to 1-2 glasses a week, so unless there is a good deal at the grocery store, I just won’t by any unless we’ve got company.

I mostly just want to start the new year with a new perspective on what minimalism and simplicity means. I want to live what I’ve been thinking about, researching about, and experimenting with these last three years to live my best life and help my family live theirs. Hoping this new position helps me have time to write more about my experiences in minimalism and grow this blog. Here is to a new year and many blessings to all!